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Disabled Access Guide

Disabled Access Guide


Welcome to RiZE Festival 2018. Ensure you read through this helpful guide. It contains important information about where to go when you arrive and the process for collecting the Personal Assistant (PA) tickets and Access Wristbands you applied for.

No PA ticket or Access Wristbands will be sent out in advance, so you will need to collect these onsite. Your PA can only gain entry with you. You must have your event ticket, photo ID and confirmation email. We will then wristband both yourself and your PA.

Read the following Arrival Guidelines so you know what to do when you arrive onsite. Please note, this guide will be added to the website but will not be printed, if you would like a hard copy then please print at home.

THURSDAY 16th 5:00pm 10:00pm
FRIDAY 17th 9:00am 9:00pm
SATURDAY 18th 10:00am 9:00pm

FRIDAY 16th 13:00pm 1:00am
SATURDAY 15th 11:00am 1:00am

Please note these times are approximate and subject to Health & Safety checks prior to opening. If you arrive before these times, you will not be allowed access until the site is safe to open.


If you are staying in the Disabled Access Campsite, then please go to the Disabled Access Box Office on arrival. The Access Accreditation Team will be based at the Disabled Access Box Office and will have the information that you submitted before the festival. They will provide you with the correct wristbands and for you and your PA.

Please note, our facilities cater for people staying in the Disabled Access Campsite. If you are staying in other campsites onsite, then these facilities cannot be replicated.

If you are staying in the General Campervan Field, then please speak to the Zone Manager to collect your Access Wristbands and your PA ticket. You must notify the Disabled Access Team if you are staying here.

If you are staying in the General Camping Field and arriving by car, then please request a Disabled Access Parking Pass. It will be roughly a 15-minute walk to the general campsites. This is the same distance from the main car park. You must notify the Disabled Access Team if you are staying here.

If you are staying in Pink Moon and arriving by car, then please request a Disabled Access Car Parking Pass. It will be roughly a 10-minute walk to the Pink Moon Campsite. You must notify the Disabled Access Team if you are staying here.

If you are staying in VIP, then please go to the VIP car park. Your access wristbands and PA ticket will be waiting for you in the VIP Village reception. You must notify the Disabled Access Team if you are staying here.

If you are not staying in the Disabled Access Campsite and arriving by shuttle bus, then please go to the GUEST BOX OFFICE on arrival. Your access wristbands and PA ticket will be waiting for you. You must notify the Disabled Access Team if you are arriving by shuttle bus.

CHECK IN ID: Please note to check in with us, you must have Photo ID. We are happy to accept photocopies of your identification if you would prefer not to bring it with you to the festival.
We accept the following forms of ID: Passport, Driving Licence, Citizen Card, ONEID4U, Validate, Young Scot, Connexions Card, Portman Group Card, UreLife® cards and The Access Card.


Travel advice will be available via social media and the RiZE website.


Parking and Drop Off car passes have now been sent from [email protected]. You should have received your parking pass by now. Please check junk folders. If you haven’t received this pass, then please email us on [email protected]


The public Transport Hub is located at the opposite end of the festival site.

If you are a day customer and arrived by public transport, then you can go to the GUEST BOX OFFICE to collect your wristbands and then make your way to the Arena.

If you are a weekend camping customer, that is staying in the Disabled Access Campsite and arriving by public transport then please call the below number and the Disabled Access Buggy will pick you up. PLEASE NOTE: There will be waiting times of up to an hour during our busiest periods, please be patient.

We strongly advise you to request a pick up and drop off pass and be dropped off by taxis in the Disabled Access Car Park.

This number will only be answered during show times, and unfortunately, we can only receive incoming calls.

If you are staying anywhere else onsite, then please note, we are unable drop you off anywhere else onsite due to strict vehicle restrictions in place.


You need to request a pick up and drop off pass if you are arriving by taxis or if someone is dropping you off. Otherwise you will end up in being dropped at a location a considerable distance from the Disabled Access Check in and we will be unable to collect you.
To request a pass please email [email protected]

rize map


The Access Team Natalie, Mina, Katie, Amanda and Alice have all been working in head office planning for the festival. One of the team will be visiting the Disabled Access Campsite everyday around 11am. If you have any feedback that we may be able to deal with onsite, please direct it to them in the Campsite Info Tent.


We have two campsite managers who are on duty from Thursday – Sunday, providing cover 24 hours a day. They are identifiable by their unique tabard. Please do not hesitate to ask them any questions or advice on anything you are unsure of and report any issues to them – big or small.


Security are based in the Campsite 24 hours a day. They are easily identifiable by the coloured, numbered tabards they wear. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to ask them, they are fully briefed and there to be helpful. Please feed back to the Campsite Manager any issues, good or bad, and try to note the number on their tabard.


At every Disabled Platform in the Arena we will have a team of security.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask them as they are there to be helpful. Please report back to Natalie the Access Coordinator any issues, good or bad, and try to note the tabard number of the person that dealt with you.

If you need to report anything to a member of the Access Team then they will be visiting the Viewing Platforms throughout the day.

If you are unable to locate a member of the Access Team, we advise locating a member of festival staff. They can always contact us on the radio, though there might be a slight delay getting to you during busier periods.


We want to make sure that RiZE is an enjoyable experience for you so here are a few important points you’ll want to check out.


There are medical and welfare facilities in the Arena. If you require medical assistance, please alert a member of security.


In the Arena, all toilets are located at the Access Viewing Platforms. In the Late-Night Arena, toilets are located at the toilet blocks and behind medical.


There is a dedicated Arena Entrance for our Access Customers. Please enter via the lane displaying the Wheelchair symbol. Show your Access Wristbands to security in the Lane to gain entry.


There are Viewing Platforms at the Main Stage, Second Stage, new music stage and Dance Arena. Please refer to the map.


The Distance from the Disabled Access Car Park to the Main Arena Entrance is an estimated 400metres (~300m of this is hard standing). It is important to note we will not be able to pick you up or drop you off from inside the Arena.


RiZE is an outdoor event, set in the grounds of Hylands park. The event is held on grasslands and in the event of rain the ground will become muddy. We advise you to bring mobility scooters that are suitable for this terrain.


CARLESBERG ‘The Danish Quarter’: There will be a ramp in place, to gain access to the bar. Please speak to the staff and security around if you can’t find it.

WKD LOUNGE: This activation is ground level. The VIP lounge is elevated. At the time of publishing this Access Guide we had not had confirmation of the Access Provision into the VIP lounge.

RED BULL: This activation is ground level.



  • Platforms operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If the platforms become full we operate a one-in one-out policy.
  • Access to the viewing platform is strictly controlled. You need to apply in
  • PAs are welcome to use available seating, however please vacate if a disabled customer requires a seat or you are asked to do so by a steward.
  • Smoking is not permitted. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Some viewing platforms have power points for charging electric
    wheelchairs/medical equipment only. Please ask staff for details.
  • Staff reserve the right to ask customers to leave the platform.
  • Use of the platform implies acceptance of these conditions.
  • Strobe Lighting, Special Effects and Fireworks may be used in performances.


Welcome to the festival. We want to highlight a few points to help you enjoy your festival experience as a PA.

You are attending the festival to accompany and assist the person who chose you as their PA. Should it become apparent you are not carrying out this role we have the right to eject you from the festival.

What is expected of a PA?

It is important you are willing and able to assist and help with the required needs of the person who chose you as their PA throughout the festival.

You need to be available and able to help them in an evacuation or emergency.

Tips for an enjoyable experience:

Familiarise yourself with the facilities and meet the campsite staff. • If you encounter any problems, know you can contact the Access Team who will try to find solutions. • Check the weather beforehand and wear appropriate clothing.


RiZE participates in Creative Green Certification. This is an external assessment by Julie’s Bicycle – a charity who support the creative industries to act on climate change – to measure our understanding, commitment, and improvement towards environmental sustainability. Read how you can get involved this year below.


When you get to the festival you will be given a clear and a green bag.
When you bags are full bring them to the recycling point, you can also grab more recycling bags from here.


We run a three-bin system at the festival, which means some of the bin stations will be formed by 3 bins:


When you buy food from the traders, everything your food comes in is compostable, so plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed in the compost bins along with the food scraps. Please make sure NO PLASTIC goes into the compost.


Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, magazines and clean and dry cardboard (no used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle).


There should be minimal left over that goes into General Waste.


Every butt has to be picked up by hand, so it would be awesome if you did not flick your cigarette and put it out before you bin it.


We ask you to please take your tents and camping equipment home with you. If you leave it in the field it will most likely end up in landfill or incineration. If you have any broken or unwanted tents, chairs or gazebos, empty batteries, unopened tins of food, etc please take them to the Recycling Points and hand them to a member of the Green Team so that we can deal with it properly.
If you wish to donate your tent to charity, please take it to your local charity shop.