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How amazing it is to be camping in the beautiful Hylands Park with your mates while listening to your favourite bands? Let’s all work together to keep it that way. We have put in place a number of initiatives so you can help us by doing your part, while still having an awesome festival.

We work very closely with Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability within the creative industries, as part of their Industry Green certification.

We are also proud to be one of the 70 Vision Festival’s committed to reducing our carbon emissions, read more here about the Vision Festival : 2025 pledge


Energy generation is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions globally and in the UK.

All of our tower and festoon lights is 100% LED. LED lights are 95% more environmental friendly than fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat, however fluorescent lights convert 95% of energy to heat and only 5% into light.


Travelling to the festival makes up 80%of the total carbon emissions generated (source: The Show Must Go On Report, 2015). You could travel by public transport or carshare to help reduce this.


We have partnered with Big Green Coach to provide coach travel to the festival and have some exciting incentives for coach travellers.

For every customer who books travel with Big Green Coach, they sponsor and protect 5 square foot of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years. 1 million square foot has been saved already!  Check out their website for more info – Big Green Coach.


Car sharing will not only help you save money by sharing the costs of the journey, but it will also reduce the amount of traffic on the roads meaning you can get to the festival quicker, as well as helping the environment.

We are working with Liftshare to offer car sharing to the Festival – visit RiZe Liftshare to find drivers offering spaces in their car or festival goers who need a lift.

We have exciting news – the first 100 Liftshare teams formed can upgrade their Car Park Pass to a Priority Car Park Pass. This means that not only will you have priority parking but you can cruise up close to the main entrance for speedy access. Visit RiZe Liftshare to sign up!

Liftshare have been awarded the TrustSeal, which confirms they run on good practice principles with clear safety guidelines and take appropriate steps to verify the identity of their users. For more info on safety click here.




You can be a recycling champion in your camp! When you get to the festival you will be given a clear and a green bag.

When your bags are full bring them to the NiftyBin Recycling Points for your chance to win some groovy green prizes!  You can also collect more bags from here.  A member of the F.B.I (Festival Bin Inspectors) can help you separate them out into all the different materials to learn about Zero Waste philosophy.

GOLD: You could win a VIP upgrade at the Festival  – For all the recycling champions out there!  Bring back your green bag of mixed recyclables and clear bags to sort into the different NiftyBins. Take Lids off bottles, empty all liquids and remove soft plastics to become a real gold recycler.

SILVER: A chance to win 2 x festival tickets next year– bring back your full green and clear bag to sort at the NiftyBins.

BRONZE: A chance to win a merch bundle bring back any bag (you could reuse your shopping bags), unwanted camping equipment or food to the recycling points.

Our dedicated FBI agents (festival bin inspectors) will be engaging with everyone in the campsites about our recycling initiatives so look out for them and say hey.


We run a three-bin system at the festival, which means every bin station in the campsite and main arena will be formed by 3 bins:

COMPOST – When you buy food from the traders, everything your food comes in is compostable so plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed in the compost bins along with the food scraps.  Please make sure NO PLASTIC goes into the compost.

RECYCLE – Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, magazines and clean and dry cardboard (no used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle).

GENERAL WASTE – There should be minimal left over that goes into General Waste.


The FBI (Festival Bin Inspector) need you as an agent of awareness in music festivals across the UK and Ireland this summer! Are you eco-minded? A Jedi recycler? Then join the Niftybins Zero-waste Agents. Volunteer six hours a day for four days at the festival and help a great environmental cause.

Contact us today by emailing [email protected], we would love to hear from all you Eco Warriors.


Every butt has to be picked up by hand, so it would be awesome if you did not flick your cigarette and put it out before you bin it.


Tap water is free. Please feel free to refill your bottles at the taps provided.


We have joined forces with the Greenpeace events team  this summer to help festival-goers stem the tide of plastic pollution which is one of the greatest threats to our oceans. All plastic bottles and cups bought at Reading will have a 10p refundable deposit.

10 x cups and bottles = £1

1 x full recycling bag of bottles = £5.

Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year. That’s a truck load of rubbish every minute, which will take centuries to degrade and be impossible to fully clean up. To reduce plastic pollution, Greenpeace is working towards the elimination of single-use plastic packaging in the UK, and has been campaigning for the government to introduce a UK-wide deposit return scheme for all drinks containers.

Last year you returned a humungous 250,000 plastic bottles and cups and now a Deposit Return Scheme is going to be introduced in the UK on plastic bottles –  Result!


Greenpeace will be running the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for cups and bottles at RiZe Festival. They are looking for some keen, engaged and enthusiastic volunteers to join them. If you are interested please click here for more information and to access the application form.


If you want to hire a tent rather than bring your own, Pink Moon offer pre-pitched tents.


When packing ready for the festival weekend, remember to pack wisely and only bring essential items, please do not bring any single use plastic (plastic bottles are allowed).

If you do bring your own tent we ask you to please take your it along with any other camping equipment home with you.  If you leave it in the field it will most likely end up in landfill or incineration.

If you have any broken or unwanted tents chairs, gazebos, empty batteries, unopened tins of food after the festival, please take them to the Nifty Recycling Points.

If you want to donate your tent to charity, take it to your local charity shop. Please don’t leave it in the field.