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APRE Release Debut EP

Electro indie duo APRE have released their first 4-track collection The Movement of Time, which has already grabbed the attention of DIY.

APRE naturally formed as the pair began producing their own electronic pop music just for fun before realising they were onto something. With both of them having a wide range of instruments under their belts, their instrumentation can take on a variety of formats, adding to their diverse sound.

Lead single ‘All Yours’ lead them to be compared to the likes of Foals and Bombay Biycle Club due to their intricate twiddly guitar riffs and airy synths. DIY commented that “It’s a familiar sound and feeling, but one that isn’t worn out.”

The accompanying video for this single was completely unplanned. It began with them taking press shots in a garden while one of their grandparents were experimenting with their drone and videoing them. These twirling aerial shots contributed to what became their first promo video filmed entirely by her, with even the credits stating “Drone flown by Sue.”

When asked what the most important part of their live show was by Born Music, they answered “To eliminate that barrier between our audience and us, to send everyone into a different world, and to get everyone to have a dance and escape from every-day reality.”

The duo have already played festivals including The Great Escape and Live At Leeds, and you can now catch them on RiZE’s New Music stage on the Saturday.