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Into The Ark Release Second Music Video of EP Trilogy

Welsh duo Into The Ark have released the second instalment of their three-part music video series, ‘Caroline’.

Slow, acoustic tune ‘Caroline’ is now accompanied by an equally as emotive video. Mainly consisting of one single shot of a couple’s tiff by a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere, it has a retro vibe that is mirrored by a tactfully low-quality camera style and the sound of a tape reel. Each unique camera effect enhances the soulful, minor folk feel of Into The Ark’s melodies.

The same couple can be seen in the first single of the series ‘No Place Like Home’. The same filming style is used as they dramatically run away on this road trip that leads to the distress we see in ‘Caroline’. Despite still having Into The Ark’s signature minor feel, this single is far for upbeat as percussion is incorporated, and gives off a similar sound to Mumford and Sons.

All videos in this series are part of their upcoming Valencia EP, which the pair have kept quiet about so far. However, ‘No Place Like Home’ was released just a month prior to ‘Caroline’, meaning there’s still plenty of time for the third installment to be released before their set at RiZE on Friday 17th August.