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Craig David Serenades Bus Passengers!

Watch: Craig David Serenades Passengers on London Bus


R&B star Craig David recently teamed up with BT Mobile to perform a surprise set on a bus in Central London. The event was livestreamed on his Facebook page after he tweeted that he would be doing a “special acoustic set” later that day, without divulging any other details.

Commuters stared unbelievably at the 5-time MOBO Award winner, who just stood up at the front of the bus, casually talking to his guitarist. He paused mid-conversation to nonchalantly say ‘hi’ to a star struck passenger and started chatting to the bewildered group!

“Sometimes it’s easier to jump on a bus and just kinda take the route down to where we’re recording today so I thought let’s just jump on!” He joked.

Being the polite guy he is, he checked with all on the bottom deck if it was alright if he warmed up on the way, cracking out his first hit ‘7 Days’ from 2000, which brought more surprised commuters down from upstairs.

If that wasn’t enough, he gave a performance of ‘Magic’, a track off his new album The Time Is Now; one that he stated he feels represents 2000’s R&B the best.

Craig David has taken small gigs to the extreme, able to chat to the passengers with such ease and put on a stellar performance – surprisingly not falling over on the moving vehicle.

Unfortunately his set at RiZE this August won’t be quite as intimate, but we can guarantee it’ll be just as spectacular