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Folly Rae Stars In Short Film For Her Upcoming EP

The electric pop singer expands on the midwestern theme seen in her previous music video for May’s new track ‘Sniper’ as she’s released her own short film Karma Club, which also includes her latest single ‘You Don’t Love Me’.

The sweet and sour video complements Rae’s ruthless pop ballads of heartbreak and revenge as she takes a dark approach to regaining her power. In an interview with Born Music, the Londoner said “When I wrote ‘Sniper’, I was drawn to the classic Americana vibe. It was more about the colours and lighting than a meaning. I love the idea of an English girl traveling across the world to find love or leaving love behind. And I have a love affair with LA so it seemed perfect to film it in California.”

The 7-minute video includes the ominous yet aesthetically-pleasing ‘Sniper’ video in full detail, which takes place in an Americana-themed hotel called The Madonna Inn. Karma Club gives an elaborate introduction to ‘Sniper’s storyline and gives all the weird and wonderful characters a spotlight as they contribute to the extensive narrative, including an interview with the fashionable star disguised as casual conversation.

Characters include big fan Chloe the Waitress, eccentric Brian The Bellboy, and smooth-talking Kevin the Cowboy. In the new video, the latter becomes Rae’s victim as her brand new track ‘You Don’t Love Me’ makes its debut.

‘You Don’t Love Me’ was released on the same day as the video’s premiere but she’s not stopped there. In the final minute, she also teases a new track that she sings as an acapella in the bath, hinting at what’s still left to come for her debut EP.

If you want to hear ‘Sniper’, ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and this new mystery track played live then you can catch Folly Rae at RiZE on Saturday 18th August!