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Hotbox Events Volunteer Interview with Tommy McGrory


Volunteers form an integral part of music festivals, helping to make sure that things run smoothly, and that festival goers have a fantastic time!

If you’d like to join us at RiZE you can apply to volunteer with Hotbox Events!

We’ve been chatting with Tommy McGrory who regularly volunteers at festivals with Hotbox to find out what volunteering at festivals is like…

Q. What made you first sign up to become a Hotbox volunteer?

A. I decided one day that I wanted to give the festival something back by volunteering and being part of the festival family in it’s amazing set up.

Q. What tasks were you helping with during your shifts?

A. First night – Assisted a couple with disabilities through our camp (which was full) to another camp and dropped off at volunteers in charge of that campsite, assisted in putting tents up and giving directions and information about entertainment that night, also walked around camp and chatted to campers and fire watch.  Second day – Gave information on Areas of arena and band timing and stage positions, also sent one person to the welfare tent and a few to the medical tent for assistance. Last night – Fire Watch from dusk to dawn.

Q. What’s your most memorable moment from your volunteering experience?

A. The first smiling face and thank you on very first night working gave a massive confidence boost to approach people when assisting and also how well the volunteers clicked when meeting for first time.

Q. What advice would you give to someone thinking about signing up to be a Hotbox volunteer?

A. Relax, enjoy, be yourself and take in the experience, it’s all a good boost for self esteem.

Q. What was the best part of being a Hotbox volunteer?

A. It’s an amazing experience, staff and volunteers look after each other and bond quite quickly as some of us are there for the first time and others have been there before and this helps gel volunteers.

If you’d like to learn out more about volunteering at RiZE, head over to Hotbox Events

If you have questions you can contact Hotbox

Or go straight to the volunteer application and apply now!