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Miles Kane Packs A Punch In ‘Cry On My Guitar’ Music Video

Miles Kane has definitely made a dramatic return in his video series for his upcoming third solo album Coup de Grace. Today he released the second video of the series which comes in the form of the scuzzy funk rock single ‘Cry On My Guitar’.

The black and white video is linked to that of lead single ‘Loaded’, which was released in May and was his first music video in four years. The disjointed timeline which the following videos will presumably complete shows him stumbling in the street after seemingly being beaten up but the rest of the four-minute video shows him exploring the dark city alone with no trouble.

‘Cry On My Guitar’ is just as mysterious as he is shown running from someone, boasting some James Bond-esque tactics like smashing glass on the floor as a make-shift burglar alarm. Suddenly, Irish WWE champion and Kane’s favourite wrestler Finn Bálor appears and a fight ensues, with The Last of The Shadow Puppets co-frontman and renowned solo artist taking quite a beating. Well they do say never meet your heroes…

Both videos were directed by the talented Brook Linder, who has worked on Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Less Than’ and Ryan Adams’ ‘Baby I Love You’ music videos. The action-packed videos are linked subtly through Kane’s clothing and the same recurring shot of his bloodied face. No further information has been given about the rest of this wild story or when it will unfold, but we’re definitely on the edge of our seats waiting to find out…

Coup de Grace is due on 10th August, with its name coming from the French phrase “the final blow”, which is also the name of Bálor’s finishing wrestling move. It has been described by Gigslutz as “full throttle glam-rock, full of swagger, packed with panache and guaranteed to get you grooving.”

Be one of the first people to hear new tracks from Coup de Grace as Miles Kane plays our Main Stage on Friday 17th August!