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Mullally Releases New Electro-Pop Single


Soul-pop singer-songwriter Mullally has dropped his latest track of 2018, ‘Vows’, much to the excitement of his dedicated fanbase.

‘Vows’ is a mellow soul track with RnB undertones, showcasing his vocal range as his higher notes intertwine with the low ambient synths tones. Immediately after release, it was listed as DJ Target’s Targo Embargo favourite on BBC Radio 1Xtra, and has been championed by 1Xtra DJ Max among others.

Mullally revealed “’Vows’ is a statement. It’s a way of expressing how much you want to commit to someone, even if you’re in a position that means it might be harder for you to do so. It’s quite an intense song, with a mature message so I wanted to bring the production slightly more current. Courage is an amazing producer and really matched the tone of the record.”

This is Mullally’s third release since getting signed to Atlantic Records alongside Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora, both of whom also attended the same music college as him, Access To Music. He has previously stated that his debut album is due in the next two months – just in time for his performance at RiZE! – but apparently he had 190 tracks to choose from.

On the subject of his live shows, Mullally told the Official Charts that “I want people to walk away and think ‘Yo, when was the last time we went to a gig like that? Because that was different from anything I’d seen in a long time’.”