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Sinead Harnett

Sinead Harnett has returned with her new music video for ‘Body’, which was originally released in April. In the lyrics, she toys with the idea of continuing a broken relationship after its ended as a final act of closure; the feeling of hopelessness intertwined with swung minor beats that differ from the singer’s usual layered RnB sound.

She told Refinery29, who premiered the video, that “The song was my way of being with [my ex] again, without actually being with him. Really, it was a goodbye song, but it sounds like I’m going back to him.”

As her first video filmed in a studio, Harnett opts for a more minimalistic scenery that is rife with symbolism and shows progression in her artistry. Her already soulful and sensual song is enhanced by her slow dance moves that have been perfectly choreographed to match both the pace and meaning of the song. She further told Refinery29 that her white outfit represents the purity of the relationship that made her want to stay, while the darker ones show the negative side she wants to ignore.

‘Body’ is Harnett’s first release of 2018 and follows on from her 2017 debut album Chapter One.

Don’t miss out on her performance at RiZE next month as she performs on our 2nd Stage prior to Craig David TS5, Dave and Tom Grennan.