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Prohibited Items

Alcohol N Y (not excessive amounts)
Any Alcohol in possession of anyone under 18 N N
Excessive Amounts of Cigarettes (more than personal consumption) N N
Glass N N
Paper Lanterns or Sky Lanterns N N
Illegal Substances N N
Unidentifiable Substances N N
New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) N N
Nitrus Oxide and any associated equipment (Balloons, Co2 dispensers, cream dispensers) N N
Legal Highs N N
Portable Laser Equipment and Pens N N
Blowtorches N N
Unofficial Tabards or Reflective Jackets N N
Animals (Other than Guide Dogs or Hearing Dogs) N N
Fireworks/Pyrotechnics N N
Flares/Distress Flares N N
Generators (Exemption for generators in caravans) N N
Any Goods with unauthorised festival logos N N
Any Good unauthorised for trading N N
Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon N N
Individual camping gas canisters (exemption for gas canisters fitted within campervans) N N
Any items which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person N N
Portable stoves with gas canisters built in (stoves will be returned) N N
Aerosols over 250ml N N
Airhorns and megaphones N N
Sound systems N N
Drones N N
Petrol Burners N N
Deodorant Roll On Y Y
Cutlery N Y
Tin Openers N Y
Perfume in bottles under 100ml Y Y
Medication (if accompanied by a doctors note/prescription or if it is recognisable) Y Y
Small hammers for pitching tents N Y
The following stoves: SEE BELOW SEE BELOW
Meth stoves including fuel N Y
Trangia stoves N Y
Solid Fuel/Hexi stoves N Y
Green base camp cooker N Y
Firelighter stoves N Y
Gas Canisters/cylinders in campervans N Y (Only if fitted professionally)
Alcohol if not in glass bottles or in the possession of an under 18 N Y
Cameras, film or video equipment Y* (Lens < 6") Y
Audio recorders N Y
Leatherman multi tools N Y
Food hampers/cool bag/boxes (if food is for personal consumption) N Y
Drinks bottles (other than sealed plastic water/soft drinks bottles under 500ml) N Y
Cans N Y
Camping equipment N Y
Golf Umbrellas N Y
Umbrellas Y Y
Firewood N N
Flags with poles N Y (there will be some exclusion zones for this)
Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, personal motorised vehicles (unless mobility scooter) N N
Flags without poles N Y
Chairs N Y

We strongly advise you do not bring a bag into the Arena as there will be long queues while all bags are searched. If you do wish to bring a bag into the Arena please ensure that it is no bigger than A4 sized 8.27”x11.69”. There is a limited to one A4 bag per person being carried into the Arena at this year’s festival.